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Cook-Off Rules

Location:  HIPPY’s Big Butt BBQ Bash will take place Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Whitey Lee Park in Monroeville, Alabama.  Each team will have an assigned cook site up to 20 x 20. 

 Arrival & Set-up:  Teams competing in HIPPY’S BBQ Cook-off will be allowed to set-up their grills and cooking sites Friday, April 6th beginning at 9:00 am.   

Teams: Teams in the HIPPY’S BBQ Cook-off are defined as one to four individuals who will prepare and cook BBQ ribs, butts and chicken.  Team entry fee is $100.  Additional team members may enter for $10.00 each.  One team member from each team MUST attend the mandatory cooks meeting at 7:30am Saturday, April 6th. 
Food Preparation: Each team must prepare at least four (4) slabs of ribs. Submit (1) slab for judging (Separated into 6 individual pieces). Each team entering must prepare chicken (halves/thighs, etc). Submit 6 “pieces” for judging. Each team must turn in 6 servings of pulled pork for judging. No garnishes.  All meats will be inspected prior to cooking. All meat must be on ice until it has been inspected.  All meat must be cooked on site. Marinades, spices, rubs, and meat preparations are allowed but CANNOT be applied prior to the BBQ Cook-off. 

Cooking Space: Teams will be assigned up to a 20x20 cooking site. If additional space is required, the team should contact HIPPY’S BBQ Cook-off Chair, prior to April 6th to make satisfactory arrangements.  All equipment, including cooker, grill, canopy, tent, etc. must be contained within this space.  Tents are allowed. Generators are allowed.  Teams need to provide extension cords, if needed. Team vehicles will not be allowed in this cooking space, but parking is available near the cooking area.  RV’s and campers will be parked away from the cook site.  HIPPY will not provide electrical or water hook ups. 

Stay Clean: Sanitary gloves must be worn at all times while handling food. These gloves will be provided by HIPPY.  Teams are expected to maintain a clean, orderly site and use sanitary practices during all preparation, cooking, and judging of meats. Teams must clean their own cooking space, and haul away all trash, ash, and hot embers. Hand washing areas will be available.   

 Categories: Teams can compete in any and/or all categories.  All teams compete in “HIPPY’S Best Choice” category. 

 Judges: Teams will be judged according to BBQ Cook-off rules.  Judging will be blind.  Containers for judging for each team will be provided by HIPPY. 

 Judging: Teams will be judged and receive scores in three categories:  taste, tenderness, and appearance.    

 Be Polite:  Teams are expected to be courteous to other cooking teams and spectators.   

Quite Time:  Teams will respect quiet time between midnight and 6:00 am. 
Turn in times: Chicken must be turned in at 10:30 am.  Ribs must be turned in at 11:00 am.  Butts are to be turned in at 11:30 am.        

 Awards and Scoring:  The highest score for ribs/ chicken / butts will be awarded  

Grand Champion, bragging rights, a trophy and a cash prize.   

Each Category will have a 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place trophy and cash prize. 

People’s Choice will have one prize. 


The HIPPY Advisory Council reserves the right to make additional rules should circumstances not covered herein arise and to waive or otherwise modify any rules stated herein if, in the judgment of HIPPY, said action would improve or not materially harm the BBQ Cook-off.